Uniform Policy

Ross River Athletics Club Uniform Requirements

At RRAC, we take pride in our club as well as our uniform standards. Full uniform should be worn when competing at our club night, as well as at any ANQ and LAQ carnivals, events and meets. All new fully registered athletes at the commencement of the season will receive a club shirt, singlet or crop as part of their registration. Masters and Reduced Fee athletes can purchase uniforms from our online shop. Additional uniforms are also able to be purchased throughout the season from our online shop.

As RRAC is dual affiliated, our athletes are required to meet the full uniform standards of either ANQ or LAQ at each of our club nights. Refer to these requirements below:


RRAC 'full uniform' requirement

To be classed as being in full uniform at our club nights, athletes are required to wear:

  • Club shirt, singlet or crop
  • Black bottoms - pants or tights, must be black
  • Closed in shoes


  • LAQ bib, age patch and Coles logo (if choosing to wear,  you must meet LAQ requirements listed below)


ANQ uniform requirements

Please note ANQ have made the decision from the 24/25 season to remove the green bibs as part of their uniform requirements. Instead, athletes participating at ANQ carnvals, events and meets will receive disposable paper bibs. RRAC will not have stock of these bibs - they will be available at each carnival and are to be worn for the duration of the event. Bib placement and guidelines will still remain and will be communicated to athletes at each ANQ event

This uniform can be worn in full at any ANQ carnival, event or meet:

  • Club shirt, singlet or crop top
  • Black bottoms - pants or tights, must be black
  • ANQ distributed bibs 
  • Closed in shoes

To be classified as wearing the full, correct uniform for ANQ events and carnivals, athletes must be wearing all of the above


Bib visability:

Please note that the bib and ANQ logo must remain visible at all times



LAQ uniform requirements

Please note that uniform requirements for LAQ have changed effective 13 July 2023 - all LAQ atletes must adhere to new guidelines when competing and at club nights

This uniform can be worn in full at our club night and at any LAQ carnival, event or meet:

  • Club shirt, singlet or crop top
  • Black bottoms - pants or tights, must be black
  • LAQ (red) bib - affixed to the front of the uniform
  • Coles patch - refer to correct placement in the image below
  • McDonalds age label - indicates the correct age group of the child. Refer to correct placement in image below
  • Closed in shoes

You will also notice that your number patch does not reflect your current age and that is correct. LAQ ages up children, so if you are turning 10 this year, you will receive a number patch for U11. If you have any queries in relation to this, please speak to the Registrar, Mel who will help clear up any confusion.


Bib visability:

Please note that the bib number and LAQ logo must remain visible at all times

For more information in relation to the LAQ uniform requirements, please refer to the policy located on their website



Club records and uniform requirements

We love to celebrate with our athletes when they break a record at a club night. Please note that in order for athletes to break and be awared a new club record, they need to be in full club uniform. Should an athlete not be in the full club uniform, then they will not be eligible to obtain the record

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