Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a series of our most frequently asked questions. Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out 


  Club information

  Who are ANQ and LAQ?


ANQ is the major regional provider of athletics, development and competition. ANQ supports all ages from 4 to 99 and includes juniors, open and masters athletes. It is a branch of Queensland Athletics (QA), which is a member of Athletics Australia (AA). In Queensland, it allows entry or selection into all QA approved carnivals and State Championships. It allows clubs to determine all of their award systems and offers regional training, coaching, development squads and camps, workshops and skills courses for coaches, athletes and officials. There are over 30 athletics clubs in Central and North Queensland affiliated with ANQ. The ANQ website is www.athleticsnorthqld.org.au


Little Athletics was specifically developed to cater for children of all abilities, by promoting positive attitudes and a healthy lifestyle, through family and community involvement in athletics activities. What started in Victoria in the 1960's and its subsequent spread to other states including QLD in 1973 was intent in translating the vision to encompass the Motto of Family, Fun Fitness. Little Athletics Queensland caters for tiny tots (3-4yrs) through to Under 17 and offers the opportunity for athletes from U9 through to U17 to compete at State and National championships. The LAQ website is www.laq.org.au 

  What does dual affiliation mean?

RR has a unique opportunity to offer dual affiliation which means that our junior athletes are able to compete at all offered ANQ and LAQ events. Senior athletes are eligible to compete at all ANQ events




  What are carnivals?

Athletics carnivals are a great opportunity for kids to compete with other athletes their own age in some pretty awesome locations throughout North Queensland, the state and the country

  Is it mandatory to attend?

No. Each family can decide if they wish to attend a carnival

  Can my child compete at all carnivals?

There are some restrictions on age limits for carnivals. These will be identified on the host club's registration page

  Why is there an additional fee for attending carnivals?

Carnival fees and expenses are not covered in your registration fee. These are optional extras payable directly to the host provider by the family. Additionally, each host sets the price for registrations at their carnivals

  I have a question about changing my child's event at a carnival, can I ask you?

No, we recommend you reach out directly to the host club for any queries you have relating to event changes/registrations for carnivals. Please refer to your carnival registration email for contact information 

  When will carnival programs be released?

RR are not involved in the operations of other clubs and are not privy to this information. We receive the same information as everyone else, at the same time. Remember, all athletics clubs operate on a volunteer basis, and committee members have children and personal lives. Please be patient for any carnival information - they work hard behind the scenes to provide these awesome events for us!




  How do I register?

You can register on our website anytime by completing the registration form on our Join Now page 

  How old does my child need to be to register?

The youngest age we can accept for our tiny tots is kids turning four (4) this current year. For the 2024/25 season, our age limit will be kids born in 2020 who will be turning 4 by 31 December 2024

  Can I register as an adult athlete?

Absolutely! We welcome all adult athletes to register. Simply follow the prompts on the registrations page

  Do I need to register as a parent?

For insurance purposes, all accompanying parents and guardians are to register as members with the club. There is no cost for this level of registration

  How much does it cost to register?

Please refer to our registration page for our current registration fees/options

  Do you accept Fair Play Vouchers?

RR are registered to accept Fair Play Vouchers. Simply upload your voucher during registration and pay the remaining fee to register your athlete. RR does not handle any queries relating to the provision of fair play vouchers

  How do I register with a Fair Play Voucher?

Simply follow the registration process steps outlined on our Join Now page

  Can I attend as a casual?

You sure can on our club nights. Please refer to our Casual Visitors page for more information

  I changed my mind; my kid doesn't want to do athletics anymore. Can I get a refund?

No, we don't issue refunds for change of mind. If you are unsure if athletics is the sport for your athlete, we recommend coming to a club night first as a casual visitor to see if you like it



  Season information

  When does the club season start/end?

Our club season commences in February and concludes in September

  What are the programs and when are they released?

Our programs are available on our website and are released prior to each club night via email and on Facebook

  I need to run a few errands; can I leave my child with you?

Absolutely not! We are not a babysitting service and this is actually a breach of our Code of Conduct. All children are to be accompanied at all times. Any child without a parent or guardian present on club nights will not be allowed to compete and will be required to wait until their parent returns

  What time does club night start?

Our club nights commence at 5:45pm for a 6pm start

  What time does club night end?

This really depends of the program, the number of athletes, how many parent volunteers we have and how early into the season it is. At the beginning of the season we have a lot of new athletes and are all finding our feet. Our club nights can run late, but after a few weeks, we all get into our groove and the nights can end earlier. Allow a minimum of 2-3 hours for club nights

  How do you record track times?

We have these you beaut timing gates that automatically record and upload our athletes times! You can view your childs results automatically on the Results HQ website. Athletes and parents - please don't approach the timekeepers to request your child's time 

  Do you offer training?

Yes, training is offered to athletes aged 8 years and older with Glen, from Positive Performance Coaching. Event invites are sent out weekly to our members who are eligible. It costs $10 per athlete.

  My child wandered off and missed an event

Sometimes these things happen and kids get lost. We recommend you educate your child to let them know what events they have on the night to help them find their way back. We have a lot of athletes at our club nights and we cannot wait for children to return. If a group has finished and is ready to move onto their next event, they cannot and will not be expected to wait for a child that may or may not return. Waiting could mean that other groups are delayed and impacted, or that the age group could miss an entire event. If children are not at their event when called, they will be given a NT recording which means Not There and no score will be recorded.



  Parent helpers

  Why do parents need to help?

To ensure our club nights run as smoothly as possible, we require help from ALL parents/guardians!

  How can parents help on club nights?

Parent helpers are essential to the smooth operation of our club nights. For each age group, we require at least four (4) parents per age group to:

  • Age Marshall - responsible for the correct recording of all attempts. Also responsible for monitoring the radio (this can be shared with other parents)
  • Measurer/official - responsible for the correct measuring and reading out the filed measurements 
  • Spiker/official - responsible for the correct spiking
  • Raker/Retriever - the coolest job in the house and you get the most exercise (next to the kids!)
  • Parents - ernsuring their children are present and accounted for at track and field events. If your child chooses to not compete in an event, you must let the Age Marshall know so the group is not being held up

These roles are welcome to be shared throughout the night to ensure all parents learn how to assist

  How will I know what to do?

Guess what! We have taken the pain of what to do away from you and would love to introduce our new event boards! One side tells you the correct throwing or jumping technique, and the other side informs you of how to record it! How simple is that! Be sure to check them out at your next event

  How else can we help on club nights?

We are always looking for helpers. If you are interested in learning about other areas of athletics, please reach out to a committee member to register your interest. We are always looking for more helpers to assist with:

  • Starting - responsible for ensuring track events are stared effectively*
  • Starter's assistant - responsible for being an extra set of hands to assist at track marshalling*
  • iPad - responsible for entering the names into lanes
  • Timekeeper - responsible for the timing gates and making sure things run smoothly*
  • Canteen - from time to time our canteen needs a hand. Plus you get to work with the great food and in great company!
  • Equipment pack up - pack up the equipment if you are the last event of the night for easy return to the shed

Note that for these roles marked with an asterix * you will be required to undertake a free official's course in order to assist

  I have never done athletics before and am not sure what I am doing

That's ok, we all have to start somewhere. You can learn through observation, shadowing and asking questions. We are all in this together and parents are always willing to share their knowledge

  I am interested in joining the committee, how can I do this?

We are always willing to welcome new people to join the committee. We recommend:

  • Reaching out to our current committee to discuss with them about the types of roles available
  • Attend our committee meetings (keep an eye on our Facebook page for the next date)
  • Attend our AGM an nominate for a position

  Will you have a working bee?

We sure do and believe us when we say we need your help! Check out our Facebook page for any upcoming information on working bees

  I want to help out, how else can I assist?

We are always looking for helpers for fundraising activities. Please check out our facebook page for information on upcoming fundraising activities and how you can assist




  Does my child need to wear shoes?

All athletes are required to wear closed in sandshoes on club nights when competing. Our Uniform Policy outlines requirements for registered athletes. Casual athletes should refer to our Casual Visitors page for dress requirements

  Can my child wear spikes?

Kids are allowed to wear spikes from 10 years/U11. Spikes are not permitted prior to this age

  How do I order a new uniform?

You can order a new uniform from our Online Shop throughout the season. Uniforms will be available for collection from the canteen during our regular club season on Friday nights. Outside this time, a committee member will contact you to arrange collection

  My child has lost their bib, what do I do?

Please direct all queries relating to bibs to ATTN: Registrar at rossriverathletics@gmail.com 




  Club facilities

  Where are you located?

You will find us on Friday nights during the club season at our club house located on the Kirwan State High School Oval on Ridley Road, Kirwan.

  Do you have a canteen on site?

We sure do! And we're not going to lie, we think it is pretty much the best food in town at the best price!

  What happens if I arrive and the canteen is not open?

There is no need to worry, our amazing team in the canteen are busy preparing meals and just may need a bit of extra time. Please remember that all our helpers are volunteers and parents, and are taking time out of their busy lives to assist to ensure our club nights run smoothly and everyone has a great time

  Are there toilets?

We do have toilets which are located on the KSHS grounds. Please note that any child wishing to use the toilets need to be accompanied by an adult at all times

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